Beginners' Guide


We buy at high prices

  • Kimono

  • Watch

  • Camera

  • Precious metal

  • Jewelry

  • Brand-name item

  • Home appliance

■ Required documents

Customers who use our pawn services for the first time will need a "copy of ID card" including the customer’s current address and information of "the bank account to transfer the money".

* We will check if the registered address matches with the information in the ID.

●Identification card examples
Resident card (only original copy is accepted)
Driver's license
Passport (with current address)
Health insurance card (with current address)

■ Purchase rules

- At the time of purchase, we will verify your identity with an ID card. - The appraisal amount may vary depending on the stock status, season, and market sales. - Please note that basically, you cannot return items you bought from us.

■ Items we don't purchase

- Counterfeit and fraudulent items - Items that are in very poor condition due to damage, dirt, mold, scratches, sunlight, etc.

■ Notes

◆Customers under the age of 18◆
Please note that you cannot use our purchase service.
◆Items we keep for appraisal◆
Please note that at our discretion, we will dispose of items that have been kept for 3 months after we notified you with the appraisal result if you don’t contact us before then.