About pawnshop loan


“What is a pawnshop loan?”

It’s convenient and hassle-free. For emergencies.
“To be honest, I don’t want to sell it! But I really need the money...”
What I deposited will be returned! Such a convenient service that I didn’t know about!!

If an item is so special for you, it is safe to choose a pawnshop loan and not sell the item at a pawn shop.
The item deposited for the loan will be returned later.
If you suddenly need money, please use us because it is very convenient and safe.

Let's use a "pawn shop" when:

-It's almost payday, but I need a little more for living expenses!
-Family member or pet is sick! Sudden hospitalization and surgery!
-I have to pay by tomorrow...
-Ceremonial occasions overlapped and I have a lack of gratuity money!
-Social drinking parties overlapped...
-I often pay my business expenses on behalf of the company... Honestly, it is tough until I’m reimbursed!

Pawnshop loan flow

Step 1 We appraise your item

We will appraise your item in front of you. We will determine how much money we can loan on the spot.

Step 2 Determine the loan amount

We will explain how the amount was determined.
If you agree with the amount, the contract will be concluded after explaining the system such as the depositing period and interest.
If you don’t agree with the amount, you can take the item home with you.
* No appraisal fee or commission

Step 3 ID check

If you are using us for the first time, please bring your ID (driver's license, health insurance card, passport, student ID, alien registration card, My Number Card, etc.).
We will check your address only for the first time. You will not need your ID from the second time.
*If you are under the age of 18, you cannot get a pawnshop loan as it is prohibited by the Pawnbroker Business Act.

Step 4 You get the cash and a pawn ticket

We will give you cash and a pawn ticket (deposit ticket) on the spot. It takes about 5 to 15 minutes from your visit to your return, depending on the type of item, the number of items, and how busy the shop is at that time.
* On the pawn ticket (deposit ticket), amount loaned, details of the item(s) deposited, your name, repayment deadline, interest, the bank account to transfer the interest, etc., are written. You will need it when you come to pick up the item or extend the deadline.

Step 5 Completion

The deadline for deposit is 3 months.
Within 3 months, the item will be returned to you at any time during our business hours.
Also, if you want to extend the deposit period after the first 3 months, you can extend it by paying interest within the deadline.
*The interest can be paid by bank transfer.